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I or we authorize Belvedere West Management to obtain reports from any consumer or criminal record reporting agencies before, during, and after tenancy on matters relating to a lease by the above owner to me and to verify, by all available means, the information in this application, including criminal background information, income history and other information reported by employer(s) to any state employment security agency. Work history information may be used only for this Rental Application. Authority to obtain work history information expires 365 days from the date of this Application.

Tenant is aware that if their application is not approved the Security Deposit will be refunded and Tenant will not be allowed to occupy the apartments/residence. If the application is approved, this deposit will hold the above referenced unit for the Tenant. If Tenant decided not to move in, the Security Deposit will be forfeited. Landlord agrees that subject to the conditions listed below, this Security Deposit will be returned in full. The undersigned Tenant agrees that this Security Deposit may not be applied as rent, and that the full month's rent will be paid the first day of each month, including the last month of occupancy. APPLICATION FEE IS NOT REFUNDABLE

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